Ukrainian woman with “the world’s biggest cheeks” showed what she looked like before (4 photos + 1 video)

16 May 2024

36-year-old Kiev resident Anastasia Pokreshchuk is known for her love of injection cosmetology. She's spent $2,000 on fillers in recent years and now has the "biggest cheeks in the world." A huge achievement.

Anastasia showed her photos from ten years ago on social networks, and her subscribers said out loud that she was simply unrecognizable. At 26 years old, the fanatical fan of fillers may not have looked perfect, but she certainly looked more natural.

“Before” and “after” pictures with a difference of 10 years demonstrate a striking contrast between natural data and the result of working on oneself. At the age of 26, Anastasia describes her face as “mouse-like.” Now she is almost unrecognizable: straight blonde hair, plump lips and voluminous cheekbones.

The post became popular and received more than 18,000 likes. Many social media users were puzzled and expressed a timid opinion that the girl looked much better before.

“She was a beautiful goddess,” “Why?!” You were so beautiful”, “I am sincerely interested in what type of appearance she was trying to achieve”, “The first photo shows a very feminine and beautiful girl.”

But there were also those who came to Anastasia’s defense, saying that she now looks more sophisticated and sexy.

Anastasia first started experimenting with fillers at the age of 26 and has since lost count of how many times she has had the procedure done. In addition to fillers, she shelled out for breast augmentation, veneers and a BBL photorejuvenation procedure.

While social media users may not be thrilled with her extreme look, Anastasia doesn't care. She always says that her “cosmetic journey” is only for her and no one else.

“I get hateful comments online all the time - no one has the confidence to say it in person,” says the girl with the world's biggest cheeks. “In real life, people want to hug me and take pictures with me.” This is so cute! There are no people around me who would judge me, but I absolutely don’t care what they think about me. My friends never judge me. My mom, of course, tells me that I looked great before, but now she calls me “exotic.” She's my best friend and the best support I could ask for."

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