Berlin authorities are giving away Goebbels' estate for free (4 photos)

7 May 2024

The German authorities failed to sell the estate of the Reich Minister of Propaganda of the Third Reich. The dilapidated mansion of Joseph Goebbels is being given away free of charge on the condition that the new owner will carry out reconstruction.

After World War II, the 42-acre estate was used by the Allies as a military hospital and was later taken over by the youth wing of the GDR Communist Party.

The estate near Lake Bogensee has been empty since 2000, it is being destroyed, and the authorities of the federal state of Berlin are tired of paying for its maintenance.

“I invite anyone who wants to take ownership of this property to accept it as a gift from the state of Berlin,” said Finance Senator Stefan Evers.

The mansion was built in 1936. Goebbels was married and raised six children, and here he spent time with his mistresses.

The building is located in the neighboring state of Brandenburg, whose authorities do not want to take ownership of it due to the huge costs of reconstruction, estimated at approximately $375 million.

“Otherwise, Berlin will have no choice but to carry out demolition,” Evers added. And this will cost approximately $55 million.

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