Thai tea – both funny and sinful (5 photos)

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22 April 2024

In Thailand, loose tea is poured into bags. It’s not very convenient, especially if you’re not local and aren’t used to it, but there’s less garbage. And there has been a war on plastic in Thailand for many years.

But tourists prefer ordinary glasses to hold in their hands. Drink kiosks have to balance and compete so as not to raise prices.

To make awkward bags more ergonomic, a tea stall in Lam Plai came up with a stroke of genius! Did it increase sales? Partially. But he became famous not just throughout the country - throughout the entire Internet in all countries!

These are the packages. As you can see, there are glasses too. But who needs them!

It is understood that the lower extension of such a bag is a tap through which you can drink, and then tie it tightly, and nothing will leak out. But in reality it looks like... you know what it looks like.

Why are Thais accustomed to strange methods of drinking from a bag, but here even their faces trembled. Despite the fact that there are a lot of ladyboys in the country and generally not the most puritanical morals, half of the Thais found such packages offensive. And such a marketing strategy is unworthy.

But here are the cultural mini-bags, although they cannot be placed.

It seems to me that such packages would also be banned in our country. And in vain, they don’t bother anyone, they attract attention, you can have fun and throw them away. Who is harmed by this?

Is it possible to take soda and tea not in a bag?!

Of course you can, no one will force you. Just in a bag - the cheapest option, and you can immediately throw ice in there for free. But you can’t put it in a bottle, the neck is narrow.

Tourists enjoy the local flavor, this drink is really very cool

So this decision is not only because of savings (although because of that too, because this is the most popular form of buying soda among kids), but also because of the constant heat.

In popular places you simply don’t have time to put bottles in the refrigerator. And a drink with ice is much more refreshing than just a chilled one. You can, of course, put ice in a glass, but then you will have to pay like for a whole glass of cola when there is half ice.

You see HOW MUCH ice fits in there. HE'S just icy!

So even if it's not familiar or convenient, it doesn't mean that soda in a bag is a bad solution. For Thailand - the best.

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