“Expectation and reality”: people ordered food and were disappointed (17 photos)

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22 April 2024

For some, food is simply a physical need. And for others it is one of their most favorite pleasures. And sometimes you want to treat yourself to a trip to a restaurant or a new cafe. Or just order something delicious to take home. But, alas, the authors of these photographs were not given food, but complete disappointment. Let's take a look at the annoying pictures from the "expectation and reality" series.

This is what a chef thinks pepperoni pizza should look like.

This "seasonal salad" cost 7 euros in a cool tourist restaurant

$3 pasta salad ordered at the airport

We present to you a hospital breakfast. This is a low carb, low sugar diet.

Grilled cheese at an Italian restaurant cost $6

Overcooked T-bone Steak with Cheese

Would you like a delicious sandwich?

Mozzarella sticks without mozzarella

Bun with cheese and tomatoes. It's bingo!

What do you think of an $8 cucumber salad you ordered at a restaurant? Impressive?

The girl ordered cannoli, but instead of dessert she received a rather meager salad

You'll be speechless, but you paid a whopping $9 for this pizza.

Bad Cheese Grits

Unusual presentation of Caesar salad

Baguette with salami

Do you want to laugh? This is what bruschetta with tomatoes looks like in an elite Italian restaurant

A guest received such a dish in a fancy restaurant for almost 9 euros. By the way, he also had to wait for him for a whole 1.5 hours.

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