45 days of separation: the famous Australian magpie Molly returned home (6 photos + 2 videos)

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22 April 2024

Molly was reunited with her human family and friends - Staffordshire Terriers. On March 1, Department of Environmental Protection officials removed the magpie because Juliet Wells and Rhys Mortensen did not have permission to keep the bird. Residents of Queensland were outraged by the authorities' decision, as a result of which the state prime minister personally intervened in the matter.

"We are so grateful to have Molly back with us, we couldn't do this without you. This morning there was a joyful reunion. We are overwhelmed with emotions," the couple addressed their support group.

“Molly’s first 24 hours at home were wonderful for all of us,” Wells wrote on social media. “Three best friends sunbathing together and just enjoying each other’s company, as they always have.”

"Molly has already taken a few showers, played with her trusty sloth toys, and Peggy and Ruby aren't leaving her side. We can only duck as wings fly overhead, and the constant singing is music to our ears."

The couple rescued Molly in 2020 when she was just a chick and began talking about her friendship with the two staff on social media.

The trio rose to fame, amassing two million subscribers. A book was published with photographs of charming friends.

Wells initially thought Molly was a female, but she was wrong, and the name stuck.

On Monday, the bird was returned to the family, but with the condition that the couple would no longer make money from it.

Wells and Mortensen are trained to care for wild animals and must cooperate with authorities. They now have a license to keep magpies.

The Department of Environmental Protection encouraged the family to share knowledge of how to care for wild animals with subscribers.

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