A married couple gave $24 million to charity, became monks and will now live on alms (3 photos)

22 April 2024

In India, the family decided to donate all the $24 million they had earned in their lifetime to good causes and begin the ascetic life of monks. Now the couple will wander around the country and live on alms.

A certain Bhavesh Bhandari and his wife live in the Indian state of Gujarat. The family created a good construction business, which allowed them to earn a considerable fortune by local standards. The couple had at their disposal houses, cars and all the other luxuries expected of the rich.

However, this year the family decided to radically change their lifestyle.

In February, a husband and wife took part in a four-kilometre procession, handing out whatever they wanted to people they met, from cash to mobile phones to air conditioners. On April 22, the married couple will move to a new stage. The Bhandaris will give up all their property, donate it to charity and become Jain monks. Jainism is one of the oldest religions widespread in India.

Among other things, the family took a vow of life based on ascetic abstinence. Now Bhavesh and his wife will be allowed only two white robes, a begging bowl and a 'rajoharan' - a white broom used by Jain monks to clear the ground of insects before sitting on it. This is a symbol of their non-violent lifestyle.

The Bhandaris plan to spend the rest of their lives traveling around India barefoot, and their only income will be alms.

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