An unusual male profession in Japan is wiping the tears of women for a lot of money (4 photos)

22 April 2024

Few people know that in Japan there is a unique profession that may seem strange to many: men who specialize in wiping the tears of crying women for a fairly substantial monetary reward.

Moreover, this profession has become so in demand that many large Japanese corporations turn to the company “Ikemeso Danshi” (“Beautiful Crying Boys”) and hire these men to wipe away the tears of their employees.

What kind of profession is this, why did it appear and how much do men who wipe away tears earn?

Where did a company like this come from and why?

An entrepreneur named Hiroki Terai began holding public crying events in 2013. He invited people to watch sad videos with him for free and cry together. However, he noticed that a very large number of young women, burdened with sadness and longing from loneliness, came to him most actively.

So he saw an idea in this and decided to start a whole business.

Hiroki decided to offer single women a strong male shoulder to cry on and throw out all the accumulated stress (for a monetary payment, of course). To do this, he founded the company “Ikemeso Danshi” (“Beautiful Crying Boys”), where every woman could go to the application, choose the man she liked and order him at an hourly rate.

Stress in the workplace is common, especially in Japan, where the frantic pace of life and burnout are familiar to everyone

While some seek solace from loved ones, many single Japanese women (who have often never been in a romantic relationship even by age 30) have to turn to therapy for help.

This is because these women, after a hard week at work, cannot come home and share their experiences with their boyfriend or husband, cry to him and get rid of the accumulated stress. Due to huge problems with demographics and problems with relationships among young people, Japan has created a whole market of millions of single women, subject to severe depression and stress, and who were willing to pay huge amounts of money to cry on the shoulder of an attractive but absolutely to a stranger.

It seems that this sounds like complete stupidity, but this business turned out to be incredibly popular, and very quickly took root in Japan. Moreover, many large corporations have begun to turn to the services of Ikemeso Danshi to hire these professionals to comfort their female employees.

How much do these men earn and what should they do?

Men who specialize in wiping tears are usually young, attractive, and comfortable men who can win over and create a safe space for women to relax and release their emotions.

These men perform their work with the utmost professionalism to provide their clients with satisfaction and support. They must be able to carefully wipe away a woman’s tears, participate in joint sobs, watch poignant videos, and even listen to women’s experiences and provide moral support.

For the Ikemeso Danshi service, a woman will have to pay 7600 yen ~ 45 dollars (and this is only for 1 hour). Real professionals manage to visit 3 to 4 women per day, who often extend the service. But men must transfer half of their income to the company.

Although this profession may seem strange to many, it is an important part of the Japanese mentality and helps millions of women cope with the stress and loneliness they face in their daily lives.

What do you think about such a profession? Would you like to use similar services or get a similar job yourself?

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