An old-timer's reaction to the arrival of a newcomer in the family (25 photos)

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13 April 2024

A big family is wonderful. Friendship, mutual assistance and support reign in it.

But adults and authoritative family members are not always able to immediately accept a newcomer. Especially small, stupid and represented by another species. But then everything usually gets better, and life becomes even more eventful and fun. After all, happiness lives in a house where there is both a cat and a dog.

1. Stranger Things

2. Is this your surprise?

3. It’s okay, silly, Aunt Murka will lick you properly and raise you

4. Silent confrontation

5. Puppy tenderness

6. Cloud and Cloud

7. A cat will not hurt a child

8. We lived peacefully...

9. What kind of misunderstanding is lying on my bed?

10. It’s decided, we’ll leave you

11. First meeting

12. True patience is when you cannot endure.

13. Cold indifference

14. You promised a plush mouse!

15. You won't pass!

16. Vaska, change it, I can’t take it anymore

17. I want it and it hurts

18. It's not that bad

19. Silent plea

20. Soft paws - fluffy fur coat

21. You are not welcome here

22. I have only one question - why?!

23. It’s okay, little one, we’ll fatten you up

24. The Birth of Friendship

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