12 famous women who are famous not only for their great talent, but also for their height (13 photos)

13 April 2024

Some celebrities with outstanding height have the same outstanding charisma, which has made them gain popularity and inspired many girls to not be shy about themselves!

Gwendoline Christie

Height: 191 cm

It can be seen that both against the background of men and against the background of Jenna Ortega (155 cm), the actress looks very tall.

Brooke Shields

Height: 183 cm

According to some reports, Brooke's height is 177 centimeters, but even from the photograph with Michael Jackson (175 cm) it is clear that she is much taller than him. And despite her height, the actress admits that she really loves wearing heels.

Tilda Swinton

Height: 179 cm

The actress does not hesitate to further lengthen her image through outfits and hairstyles. In a 2007 photo, George Clooney jokingly crouched next to his tall co-star.

Kendall Jenner

Height: 180 cm

The already tall model of platform shoes was increased by almost 20 centimeters! And how impressive it looks!

Famke Janssen

Height: 180 cm

According to some reports, her height is 182-183 cm. In any case, she is definitely much taller than the average girl and some men. Pierce Brosnan is 6 centimeters taller than the actress, and she and Eli Roth are about the same height.

Taylor Swift

Height: 178 cm

Although the singer has not grown to 180 centimeters, she is still clearly taller than most women and some male colleagues.

Hannah Waddingham

Height: 180 cm

The actress attends a special screening of the series "Ted Lasso" in Los Angeles.

Nicole Kidman

Height: 180 cm

Even when the actress's husband, Keith Urban, wears platform shoes, he doesn't look taller than her.

Uma Thurman

Height: 181 cm

The actress looks very impressive in a tight dress and heels.

Maria Minogarova

Height: 184 cm

The model and YouTube channel host strongly supports tall girls, showing that this is an advantage, not a disadvantage.

Sigourney Weaver

Height: 180 cm

The Alien star with her husband and daughter in 2020.

Elizabeth Debicki

Height: 190 cm

The actress, who played Princess Diana in the TV series “The Crown,” is taller than her character and scene partner, Dominic West, who played Prince Charles.

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