The owner of the bakery asks for the return of the missing diamond (6 photos)

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13 April 2024

The owner of Sis Sweets Cookies & Cafe in Leavenworth, Kansas, lost a diamond worth $4,000. The gem probably fell out of the ring while the woman was preparing baked goods to sell.

Dawn Monroe has worn her engagement ring for almost four decades. She noticed the marquise-cut center diamond was missing last Friday while baking cookies.

The American woman and her employees began feverishly searching the kitchen.

“Bonus if you buy a cookie today,” Monroe wrote on her social media page that same day. “My diamond is missing... Heartbroken. It was on my hand for 36 years.”

"If you find and return him, I will be forever in your debt."

"I looked at my hand and the center diamond was gone," she told local TV station KMBC 9 on Tuesday. "We went back to the kitchen and started looking."

But the stone, which costs more than $4,000, was nowhere to be found.

“I cried, and my husband consoled me: “You still have me.”

The rock probably fell into the cookie dough.

The pastry chef warned customers to eat the baked goods with caution.

“I didn’t want anyone to break a tooth,” Dawn added.

The woman offers sweets as a reward.

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