The court sentenced to death the swindler who stole 20 billion dollars (2 photos)

13 April 2024

Truong My Lan

Truong My Lan - until recently, was one of the richest and most influential businessmen in Vietnam. The 68-year-old lady owned a development company (this is an investor, a designer, a developer, and a realtor), the Van Thinh Phat company, and flourished. As it later turned out, she also managed the country’s largest private bank, SCB, but not personally, but through dummies.

At the same time, it registered dozens of shell companies and distributed loans worth $20 billion, and also issued bonds for future grandiose construction projects. But no buildings appeared, and the money ended up in the pockets of this madam and her accomplices. This is the biggest scam in the history of the country.

The real estate swindler was arrested and sent to a cell. 85 people were also placed there, who made money with her, and officials who covered them for substantial bribes. We were talking about theft and fraud not on a “particularly large” scale, but on a cosmic scale, so there was increased interest in the process in society. The local prosecutor's office did not lag behind them:

Truong pleaded not guilty and showed no remorse. The consequences are extremely serious and irreparable, and therefore Truong must be severely punished and excluded from society, the prosecution said at the trial.

And they demanded the death penalty for the unfortunate realtor. When she heard this, she fainted right in the courtroom.

But the theatrical things did not help - today Truong My Lan was sentenced to death. The Vietnamese court turned out to be harsh and fair.

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