TOP 10 most sexually liberated countries (10 photos)

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11 April 2024

We invite you to look at a very interesting ranking of the most sexually liberated countries. What exactly does this mean? This is the average number of sexual partners per person over a lifetime. Statistics show that the world average is 9. Well, let's see which countries have the most liberated comrades with a rich personal life.

For greater clarity, we attach photographs or stills from films with those celebrities who have roots in these countries. For example, Jeff Bridges, the lead actor in The Big Lebowski, has Swiss roots on his mother's side.

The study involved 46 countries with different religions, locations and political systems, which helps to trace the relationship between a person's social and personal life.

10th place. Switzerland

Number of partners: 11.1

9th place. Sweden

8th place. Italy

7th place. Norway

Number of partners: 12.1

6th place. Finland

Number of partners: 12.4

5th place. South Africa

Number of partners: 12.5

4th place. Iceland

Number of partners: 13

3rd place. New Zealand

Number of partners: 13.2

In fact, Taika Waititi does not have 13 partners at all, but only one wife - Rita Ora.

2nd place. Australia

Number of partners: 13.3

1 place. Türkiye

Number of partners: 14.5

India, Hong Kong, Vietnam and China are considered the most modest countries in this area, since their residents have only 3-4 sexual partners in their entire lives. The US isn't too far off the top 10 (12th), but the numbers vary widely from state to state.

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