30 mistakes that cost someone a pretty penny (31 photos)

11 April 2024

When you spend a considerable amount on something, be it a car, a phone or a game console, this long-awaited purchase brings not only joy, but also anxiety: “What if I scratch it? What if I break the screen? What if water gets into it? Alas, nothing stays new forever, and for every luxury item there are dozens of ways to destroy it. In this collection you will find the saddest evidence of this, but keep in mind: these photos are very painful to look at.

1. "Personnel on the ground pulled the wrong handle and the MD-80's tail fell off."

2. “This is how you buy expensive cat furniture.”

3. Pool for ducklings

4. “My laptop was killed by a grain of brown rice with the lid on it.”

5. “A colleague who works nights sent me this yesterday.”

6. "Someone had a very expensive 'Oops' at the Chicago airport last night."

7. "Dad was like, 'Google is screwing around again by blurring the top left of the results. And so is Facebook.' He melted the top left corner of his screen."

8. “So the car I took for a test drive and really liked burned down.”

9. “Lost the fingers on my prosthetic leg because my friend’s dog thought it was a chew toy.”

10. “Skipped breakfast, got up too quickly, passed out during a Zoom exam, fell on the most expensive piece of furniture.”

“I broke my phone, cut my ear with a piece of glass, pulled my biceps and couldn’t pass the exam on time. How is your day going?”

11. "What happens when you crash into a house"

12. “If you ever want to throw a Styrofoam soda cup out a window on the highway, don't do it.”

13. “The driver delivering the Ferrari Enzo ($2.5 million) to its new owner was involved in an accident.”

14. “The ceiling in my bedroom collapsed.”

15. “Last night I hid my son’s PS4 controllers in the oven so he could go to bed. I didn’t tell my wife, and in the morning she turned on the oven.”

16. “I recently tried a subscription to rent expensive clothes. The postman threw a package of clothes/bags over the fence into the yard. I have two puppies.”

17. “The cable guy drilled a hole in the side of the house, through the closet, through the guitar case and straight into the Martin HD-28V.”

18. “Well, at least he’s not texting.”

19. “If we put solar panels next to a golf course, what could go wrong?”

20. “A friend posted this photo today from the construction site where he works.”

21. The delivery robot tried to drive through wet cement.

22. “Within 20 minutes of closing on my house, the new owners sent me these photos.”

"The moving company lifted my container too high and went through the wall. This siding is no longer made, so the whole house will have to be re-skinned."

23. “On the first night of our vacation, we started to unfold the sofa bed for the kids and heard a crunch. My son’s iPhone fell between the pillows and got stuck in the frame.”

24. "We waited 6 weeks for a rather expensive toilet to install in a client's home, and it finally arrived."

25. "My wife lost her wedding ring"

26. Oh no...

27. “Great-grandfather was an airmail pilot, I found these photos among his things.”

28. “The new guy at work screwed up.”

29. “When you want luxury, but can’t afford to pay a little extra for security...”

30. “The neighbor decided to cut down the dead tree. The workers made a small miscalculation.”

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