A hearing-impaired baby hears his mother's voice for the first time (5 photos + 1 video)

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11 April 2024

Three-month-old Albie Collins was tested and found to have mild bilateral hearing loss. Amy and Matthew, 29, were delighted when their son was fitted with hearing aids so he could hear their voices.

Alby suffers from the same condition as his father Matthew.

The couple from Liversedge, West Yorkshire, UK, shared a touching video of their son reacting to his mother's voice.

In the footage, the baby smiles while looking into Amy's eyes.

She can be heard saying: "Hello, handsome! Hello, adorable boy. Are you a beautiful baby? Can you hear mommy? Say mommy!"

“In the maternity hospital, he failed a hearing test, and he was sent for an audiological examination. Doctors advised him to wear hearing aids from an early age so that his speech would not be affected,” said the mother of two children.

"His father has the same hearing problem that was discovered when he was in junior high."

"My husband and I were happy to see Alby taking in all the new sounds and smiling. It's a delight."

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