What the fathers of successful Hollywood actors look like (14 photos)

2 April 2024

The fathers of famous Hollywood actors are amazing personalities who often remain in the shadow of their successful children. It is not surprising that we often have no idea what many of them look like.

The desire to stay away from publicity is quite natural, because withstanding the onslaught of journalists and fans of one’s children is an unpleasant task. However, there are those who are exceptions and actively support their children in their careers and delight the public with their charm and charming smile. Who are they? Let's get a look!

Keanu Reeves - Samuel Nowlin Vives Jr.

The father of the famous actor was born in Hawaii. He made his living as an auxiliary worker.

Chris Hemsworth - Craig Hemsworth

Chris's father keeps in excellent shape and does not deny himself the pleasure of playing sports with his son.

Brad Pitt - William Pitt

Unlike their famous son, Brad's parents had a more modest working life. My father ran a transport company, and my mother worked as a school psychologist.

Ryan Gosling - Thomas Gosling

Ryan Gosling's father, Thomas Ray Gosling, was born and lives in Canada. His main activity is trade.

Jim Carrey - Percy Carrey

Kerry's family lived in poverty for a long time. Jim's father worked as an accountant, while working part-time in a factory.

Leonardo DiCaprio - George DiCaprio

The father of the main Hollywood bachelor is quite a big celebrity. George DiCaprio is a prominent writer, publisher and artist.

Nicolas Cage - Auguste Coppola

Auguste Coppola probably needs no introduction. He was a famous writer and art connoisseur.

Benedict Cumberbatch - Timothy Carlton

Timothy Carlton became famous for his acting. Benedict's father appeared on television, in series and played in the theater.

Ben Stiller - Jerry Stiller

Ben Stiller's father was a well-known actor and comedian.

Michael Douglas - Kirk Douglas

Kirk Douglas is a prominent actor from the golden era of Hollywood. It is not surprising that such a talented father had an equally talented son.

George Clooney - Nick Clooney

Nick Clooney devoted his life not to acting, but to journalism and television.

Jason Statham - Barry Statham

Barry Statham is trying to keep up with his star son. He willingly appears in public and carefully monitors his appearance.

Robert Pattinson - Richard Pattinson

Robert Pattinson's dad was involved in the transfer of vintage American cars abroad. This type of income allowed the family to stay afloat in difficult times.

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