Dog blogger lives a luxurious life and travels the world (12 photos + 1 video)

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2 April 2024

A dog blogger named Bao has become a celebrity on social networks. He travels the world, stays in five-star hotels, has tons of fans, and a huge luxury wardrobe of 75 items worth $2,500.

A three-year-old Chihuahua named Bao lives in Toronto, Canada, with his 37-year-old owner, Xa Thi Ngoc Tran. The owner promoted her dog so much that he has already become a celebrity. He has 167,000 fans on social networks, he travels a lot with his mistress, collaborates with brands, and wears expensive suits. Ksa adopted the puppy during the coronavirus pandemic, but they only started traveling in 2022—that’s when the dog began to gain popularity.

Bao's first trip was a four-hour flight to Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada - but since then he's been to many countries, from France to Mexico. During all his travels, the dog stayed in luxury hotels, enjoyed poolside massages, sumptuous meals and endless treats. Bao has an expensive wardrobe: it includes Chanel silk scarves, turtlenecks, and sunglasses. The entire 75-piece wardrobe costs approximately $2,500.

Bao also eats only healthy and high-quality food, including bone broth. In addition, his owner even created a brand of dog clothing, which many furry owners have already loved.

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