A dog hit a worker in the head with a stick.

1 April 2024

The man just wanted to play with his dog and threw a stick at it, but the fun didn’t go as planned.

To begin with, the pet named Ban amused the owner, because she, having grabbed a stick from the floor, accidentally attached a bag to it and rushed away with this semblance of a “flag”. But then the laughter ended, and the owner of the naughty pet had to be embarrassed and apologize. The fact is that a certain man was working in the yard of the house, and this unlucky worker was hit on the head with a stick - a dog running past accidentally hit him. And she even dropped her stick in surprise.

Of course, you won’t be particularly offended by the dog, and its owner, in general, has nothing to do with it. An accident is just an accident because no one is to blame for it.

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