Real places from the game GTA: San Andreas (15 photos)

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30 March 2024

GTA: San Andreas once became a truly legendary game. Released back in 2004, it still attracts the attention of gamers around the world. In addition, fans of the project are still creating various mods for San Andreas - improving graphics, changing the appearance of cars and buildings, adding a first-person view, working on nature textures, and so on. In general, the game is “alive” to this day. It’s also worth knowing (if you haven’t played) that there are three cities in the game. And all three have prototypes in the form of iconic American cities. I propose to start with Los Santos, the prototype of which was the real Los Angeles. If you like this idea, let me know in the comments, there will be a second part.

1. Let's start with the most basic thing - the Vinewood inscription. Even those who have not played will immediately understand that everything is really simple here. In reality, the prototype of the inscription is the Hollywood sign, installed at an altitude of 491 m above sea level.

2. Skyscraper LS. Every player has visited the top of this building - a helicopter sometimes appears there, there is a parachute and a helipad. In reality there is a U.S. building. Bank Tower is the twelfth tallest structure in the United States and the tallest in California (310 meters). As in the game, there is a platform for helicopter take-off and landing on the roof of the building.

3. Santa Monica Beach. One of the iconic places in the game. And one of the most popular. In reality, there is both an embankment and the beach itself. It doesn't look exactly the same, but it's similar. This place was worked out in more detail in the GTA V game.

4. Los Santos City Hall - also known as Los Angeles City Hall. The main civil service building of the city, which was built in 1928. Here are the mayor's office, meeting rooms for officials, offices of the city council, and so on. In the game it has only a decorative function, since it is not available to the player.

5. Theme Building. In the game, like the city hall, it is not an important object from a gameplay point of view. However, each player climbed onto the building, ran around it and studied it. You can even find many legends associated with this place. In reality the building is not much different. Built during the space age, it is located at Los Angeles International Airport. In 1993, the building was given the status of a historical and cultural monument.

6. Chemosphere. This name is not official. This is the nickname for the octagonal house, which exists both in the game and in reality. The present building, designed in 1960, was once called “the most modern house in the whole world” because it solved the problem of building on hills and had an octagonal shape. It is impossible to get into the building either in the game or in reality.

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