Kanye West gave his slave name and changed it to Ye (2 photos)

26 March 2024

The rapper has officially changed his name.

Kanye West's artist director Milo Yiannopoulos said West now requires everyone to call him Ye. He changed his name officially, and received permission to do so back in 2021. However, the world media, bloggers, politicians and other celebrities still persistently call him Kanye.

The letter says West sacrificed a lot by changing his name. Essentially, he abandoned his own brand, which is known all over the world. The decision to change the name was not easy, Yiannopoulos says in the letter. But the name Kanye did not suit the rapper, as it is a slave name, reports Page Six.

“Ye is a black man in America who wants the same right to self-determination as others. Ye is the person everyone knows. He is one of the most recognizable people in the world, on a par with presidents,” the appeal says.

The letter was sent to streaming platforms, publishers, stores, unions and lyric sites. It notes that Ye is the legal name that now belongs to Kanye West.

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