Unobvious function of curtains (25 photos)

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26 March 2024

Curtains and curtains are not the most noticeable, but very important part of the interior. With their help, you can decorate windows, hide your personal life from prying eyes, zone the space and, of course, create comfort.

But decorative curtains are not only famous for these functions. You can climb on them, you can ride on them, changing their appearance and aesthetic characteristics. Tail-tailed acrobat designers who know a lot about fast, deft and creative decoration of curtains cope with this with a bang.

1. Follow your dreams

2. Beginning steeplejack

3. Patience and work will grind everything down

4. How beautiful this world is

5. Perseverance is everything

6. Path of life

7. Master of Disguise

8. Applause for courage

9. Relaxation corner

10. The meeting place cannot be changed

11. Pull the string and the window will open

12. Kotoninja

13. Society of the Chosen

14. Time to misbehave

15. That awkward moment

16. Insure if something happens

17. Evening lights

18. Fireworks!

19. I am the night, I am the darkness!

20. I keep my word of honor

21. Halle-op!

22. Don't slow down

23. Homemade miracle

24. Pleasant surprise

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