How Japan prevents men from losing their virginity (9 photos)

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21 March 2024

According to statistics, Japan is breaking records for the number of virgin men (survey-based research). And if universal virginity before 20 is somehow understandable, then, for example, male students aged 20 to 24 years here are 40% virgins.

What's strange, you say. In many countries it is common to not have sex before marriage, for example in India a man can have sex for the first time after marriage at an average age of 22.

The slogan “3D-chan is not needed” came from Japan

And the strange thing is that the Japanese remain virgins. Because this is not a socio-cultural norm, but a trap into which Japan has driven its own men. About a quarter of heterosexual Japanese aged 18 to 40 have never had sex.

Why a man in Japan remains a virgin

The first reason is there is no money for dates. After paying all the bills for accommodation and travel to work, the average Japanese has very little “free” money left. It’s a paradox that he lives comfortably, but cannot afford any expenses beyond that.

Two thousand yen left after all bills are paid

But dating means treating a girl to a cafe, buying a toy, chocolate. A Japanese man is very ashamed if he cannot afford courtship. That’s why most men with limited income don’t even try to start a relationship.

Interestingly, poor girls do not have such a problem. After all, they go on dates and accept treats from men. And therefore, there are much fewer virgins among women with low incomes - they are not dominated by the financial burden of a caregiver.

As you would expect from the Japanese, they take everything to the absolute level, and then worry about it like no other nation.

The second reason is unrealistic ideas about women. Japan is the birthplace of anime, and there is a fandom for cartoons there like nowhere else in the world. Men fall in love with 2D girls, buy themselves dakimakura (full-length pillows with the image of their beloved to hug her in their sleep) with anime girls.

Dakimakura. As a last resort - a cat!

The standard of beauty and agreeable character of anime girls remains unattainable for real girls.

What girls, there is a new series about magical girls!

Add to this that in Japan there are exclusively female and male gymnasiums; in the latter, boys grow up completely unaware of how to communicate with girls, and that they are also ordinary people, just like them.

The third reason is that sex has a bad reputation. Only the Japanese could have come up with this, too. The country has one of the most developed porn industries, and in hentai you can generally see intercourse with any creatures and animals that would not even come to mind for a European.

What are you thinking about? Ugh!

But ordinary everyday sex is dirty, vulgar, not sublime. Culture drives this into the minds of the Japanese latently. A taboo attitude leads to the fact that even if a guy likes a girl, he will scold himself if he thinks such a nasty thing about her, like having sex with her.

Culture instills that even touching each other's hands is embarrassing. Cute, but has dire consequences

"Herbivorous Men"

A phenomenon of Japanese culture. Soseku danshi are men who have given up social competition, in particular the fight for a woman.

You know, girls, it’s not even interesting...

They prefer to engage in their solitary hobbies, not have unnecessary contact with the world, and have as little “social exposure” as possible. They simply do not have the inner desire to participate in male competition and achieve ambitious goals.

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22 March 2024
Это чего за ферню я сейчас прочитал??? Так и веет духом "руззького" мира. И бедные японцы у которых денег не хватает (ага конечно), и вся эта пропаганда против секса среди бедных японцев (ну-да ну-да, страна в которой есть обязательные уроки полового воспитания) - все примеры.
Там просто отношения к сексу к другое, не как в Рассиюшке - "давай бери кредит женись скорее, детей делай - родине нужно новое мясо", там строят сначала карьеру, обретают социальный статус, а потом спокойненько жену находят. Тем более в Японии большая доля браков среди выпускников школ, и очень малая доля беременностей вне брака. Японцы все по уму делают
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