30 giant dogs whose size is amazing (31 photos)

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14 March 2024

All dogs are always puppies at heart - even if they grow to giant sizes! You can never take away their goofiness and cuteness. Let's take a look at the big good boys who, despite their size, remain charming.

1. Big boy

2. This is not a polar bear, this is a dog!

3 Therapy Dog at Children's Hospital Los Angeles

4. The boy has grown up

5. This baby is only 6 months old

6. "We tested our dog's DNA. She is 93% German Shepherd. The remaining percentage may be a grizzly bear."

7. The Lady and the Giant Dog

8. "And our handsome boy is 11 months old"

9. "My uncle and his huge dog"

10. Two years difference

11. Paw of a 17-week-old Great Dane

12. Some people don’t understand what personal space is.

13. Tibetan Mastiffs

14. There should be a lot of good dogs

15. The main protector of the family

16. The crib is just right

17. And again the polar bear

18. Everyone loves big dogs

19. Six years difference

20. Cane Corso dog

21. What a big boy!

22. “I’m a dog, I’m so comfortable”

23. All dogs are sure that they are still little puppies.

24. Someone wants to attract attention

25. Meeting in the subway

26. Slow dance

27. Alaskan Malamute and Klee Kai puppy

28. Two good boys at once who don’t understand that they have grown up

29. "It never stops growing! Send us help"

30. Sits in mom's arms

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