Hollow clouds similar to a UFO were spotted in the sky over Florida (5 photos + 1 video)

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7 March 2024

Strange holes in the clouds have been spotted in the sky over Florida. As always, UFOs were blamed for everything - however, the reason actually lies in airplanes.

Mysterious holes in the clouds were spotted in the sky over the US state of Florida. One local resident posted a video of strange clouds on his TikTok. At first, many netizens, as usual, associated all this with UFOs or otherworldly signs. But it turned out that everything is simpler. These are "holey" clouds or "cavum clouds" - a rare phenomenon that appears in cirrocumulus or altocumulus clouds. Scientists studied this phenomenon for 70 years until they discovered its causes in 2010.

The main reason for the appearance of such clouds is airplanes. Clouds of this shape form when planes fly through altocumulus clouds - clusters of small clouds that form at an altitude of 2 to 7 kilometers. This was discovered by a team of scientists from the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR). They also determined that altocumulus clouds consist of pure and supercooled water vapor, which, despite the low temperature, does not turn into ice.

When an airplane's wings or propellers influence the pressure of this water vapor, "adiabatic expansion"—a thermodynamic process—occurs in the vortices of turbulent air. As a result, the structure of the steam is disrupted: ice crystals appear inside, and as a result, such “holes” are formed in the clouds. At any given time, such holey clouds cover about 8 percent of the Earth's surface.

Scientists have been studying this phenomenon for a long time, and received the results after many years of studying airplane flights, satellite observations and weather models. These clouds can also be of different shapes: for example, in some cases, when planes passed at an acute angle, smaller and round cavooms were formed. If the plane flew slowly and at a low angle, it “left” large caverns.


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