A selection of the most unusual tree species in the world (13 photos)

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7 March 2024

What could be interesting about a tree? Well, here's the trunk, leaves, needles, branches. So what? But Mother Nature knows how to surprise. Some trees look like real plants from another planet. And they surprise not only with their shape, but with their flowers and fruits. So you are welcome to our selection of the most unusual tree species in the world. It will be interesting.

Nolina bottle tree

The trunk of the tree has the shape of a pot-bellied bottle (which is how it got its name). It can reach quite impressive sizes - up to fifteen meters in height and three meters in width. Grows in Australia.

Spathodea bellflower or African tulip tree

The tree impresses with its luxurious bucket-shaped blooms that appear throughout the year.

Fire tree or Delonix reginas

A showy tree of medium height, the main feature of which is scarlet or bright orange flowers.

Araucaria brasiliensis

The tree is stunning not only with its rather funny appearance, but also with its huge spherical cones. Grows in Brazil.


A tree of gigantic size with an incredibly powerful root system. It is distinguished by the presence of a large number of aerial roots, which is why the plant becomes more like a grove than a tree.


This is a subtropical liana that has incredibly beautiful flowers that exude a pleasant, sweet aroma. The plant is native to Japan. The tree can reach 18-20 meters in height.

Unfortunately, this tree does not grow real sausage, but only fruits that resemble it in shape. By the way, their weight can reach up to ten kilograms. They are used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. They are also eaten, but in processed form.

Quiver tree or aloe dichotomous

The quiver tree is a succulent and can reach up to nine meters in height. The plant has an interesting feature - when it branches, it diverges into exactly two identical branches (no more and no less), which is why the crown looks very interesting.

Ceiba pentastamen or cotton tree

The tree, which produces not only wood, but also such valuable material as cotton, grows in West Africa, South and Central America, the Indonesian Islands and Thailand. It is one of the fastest growing trees. So, ceiba can grow more than five meters in one year.

Xanthorrhoea, herbal tree

The tree grows in Australia and Tasmania. It has one very interesting feature - its trunk is not made of wood, but of resin. The leaves of xanthorrhoea secrete a thick resin, which gradually hardens and forms something like a trunk, which perfectly protects the plant and its inflorescences from forest fires.


This amazing tree grows in Panama. You can only meet him there. The main feature of the candle tree is its interesting, oblong fruits, which grow not on branches, but directly on the trunk. By the way, they are completely edible and taste somewhat like an apple.

Tibetan cherry

The tree attracts attention with its incredibly beautiful reddish-glossy bark. The trunk of the plant looks especially impressive in winter.


An amazing plant that spends more than 40% of its time in water. Can only grow in areas with moderateThis climate has a gently sloping coastline, slightly salted water, and regular, high tides.

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