15 years of trial of a girl in India for a kiss from Richard Gere (6 photos + 1 video)

2 March 2024

15 (!) years ago, Richard Gere kissed a woman on the cheek at a ceremony. Well, he kissed and kissed, and went home. And the poor woman was dragged through the courts for 15 years.

What even happened?!

In 2007, a charity event was held in New Delhi to raise awareness about HIV. It's a good thing, many stars are participating for free.

For example, world star Richard Gere and Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty. And they hosted the event together, and then Richard literally swept her off her feet in a dramatic gesture and kissed her on the cheek.

It was an exact repetition of a scene from the popular film with Richard Gere "Let's Dance", she just wanted to entertain her fans. Only Gir remembered decency and simply kissed him on the cheek. The audience applauds joyfully, everything ends happily and Gere leaves.

After which the Indian public... began to blame Shilla Shetty!

They said that “she provoked indecent behavior.” Although she even told the star on stage that “it was too much.” True, it’s in Hindi, so Gere didn’t understand anything.

At the same time, Shilpa has such photo shoots. What is possible, what is not, I’m already lost...

By the way, he later apologized to Shilpu. He said that he did not know that everything was so strict and did not have any bad intentions. He just wanted to draw attention to the event so that there would be interesting photos.

The man is not to blame!

Initially, the court brought charges of obscenity against both the actor and the actress. It was only after an apology that the charges against Gere were dropped. But they hung over Shetty for more than 15 years.

Shilpa movie poster Playing with Death. But is it possible to eat like this in the movies?

Kind of unfair, right? This was entirely his initiative, and the girl was even scared.

What were the charges based on? That SHE DIDN'T PROTEST during the kiss.

In India, it is true that public actions and words that “cause irritation to others” are prohibited. This means that kissing and hugging between a man and a woman are prohibited. While men always hug and walk hand in hand with each other.

Feminist voices are now rising in India. Finally, this is what India really lacks, not Europe

For such actions, the guy and girl can be sent to prison for three months.

The case has been stuck in court for so long, not because Shetty is not guilty. Because it was difficult for the judge to define what obscenity was. It's all described vaguely.

If they kiss you, then you are participating in an obscene scene, but it seems that you are not to blame. As a result, it was easier to say that Shetty provoked such a scene with her “permissive” behavior than to think about the law.

Meanwhile, men in India are affectionately holding their little fingers

The charges were dropped only 15 years after the incident. Finally, common sense prevailed; if a woman was attracted to something against her will, then she is not to blame.

But the point is that over the past 15 years, social consciousness has changed a little, Indians have “improved” a little in equality and understanding of law. The law has not changed at all, tolerance and awareness of the situation have changed.

The same movie Let's Dance with Gere

I personally never blame Richard Gere, he didn’t mean anything bad, he even flew in to participate in the event for free. But the fact that all the blows fell on the Bollywood actress is so unfair that one gives up.

It's good that they were acquitted. But all this ruined the girl’s blood, you won’t envy her!

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