A nursing home was combined with a kindergarten (9 photos)

2 March 2024

Do you remember your childhood, when the days seemed so sunny and long? Perhaps now the smell of pancakes with jam or some flower takes you back to your grandparents' house. And in these memories, your family seems younger and healthier. And so it was: grandchildren give joy and energy. Therefore, when a kindergarten and a nursing home were combined under one roof, both age groups saw great benefits in this.

British non-profit organization Belong has opened a kindergarten in its village for elderly people.

In kindergarten, children are not only supervised by attentive teachers, but also interact with charming grandparents who have the patience to teach them how to draw a dog or assemble a complex puzzle. Besides, they know so many fairy tales!

As for the older generation, time spent with children not only improves their mood, but also brings great benefits. An active lifestyle is known to slow the progression of dementia, and who better to provide more energy than a group of cheerful kindergarteners?

Belong villages are gaining popularity and expanding rapidly. Cheshire Lord Mayor Sheila Little recently announced the opening of one of the villages in the county.

Such institutions are far from what nursing homes used to be. The village of Chester has six 24-hour care family homes, 23 apartments and, of course, a nursery.

A bistro, hair salon and gym are available on site, providing residents and visitors with a safe and welcoming environment.

To summarize, it is worth listing the advantages of interaction between generations:

Improved mental and physical health;

Reduced feelings of loneliness;

Feeling of self-worth;

Opportunity to learn about modern technologies.

Well, the benefits for kids:

Development of creative potential;

Improvement of cognitive abilities;

Developing respect for people with different abilities;

New skills.

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