An opportunity to look at the world in a new way: familiar things from the other side (25 photos)

2 March 2024

Ever wondered what the inside of a motorcycle helmet looks like? And a cutaway view of a fireworks projectile? And the belly of a polar bear from under the ice? Stop guessing – time to watch!

1. Sectional view of a firework projectile

2. The other side of the ice shelf

3. Eiffel Tower, bottom view

4. The Beatles concert

5. Inside of a hedge bush

6. Polar bear from an unusual angle

7. View of the Devil's Tower from a drone

8. Inside the microchip

9. The famous suspension bridge between San Francisco and Oakland, view from below

10. Photocopier from the inside

11. Snowy forest from the air

12. Cross-section of a passenger plane

13. Before and after road repair in Fukuoka city

14. Perfect reflection in the river

15. At the Foot of a Giant Tree

16. Amusement park, top view

17. River dolphin

18. Power line support, bottom view

19. Cutaway motorcycle helmet

20. Emerald dragonfly close-up

21. Hedgehog without thorns

22. Shaving cream can

23. The place where the glacier and lake meet

24. The infamous Costa Concordia from an equally sad angle

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