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25 February 2024

If a person had a tail, then perhaps it would be used to demonstrate mood and communicate with others.

The list of functions of this important organ in cats is quite wide. With the help of the tail, you can express indignation, add grace to your pose and gait, and curl more tightly. And chasing your own tail and eventually catching it (or not catching it) is a great way to pass the time and have fun. And you don't need any expensive gadgets. It’s even a pity that people didn’t save their tails.

1. Tail catcher: the beginning

2. Kotovert

3. You can’t run away from me!

4. The outcome is obvious

5. With a sense of accomplishment

6. My precious

7. It was a nice hunt

8. I train on older people

9. And who is this striped one here?

10. How can I grab you more comfortably?

11. The tail lies on the catcher

12. Fluffy hugs

13. A toy that is always with you

14. Tail games

15. I can do it!

16. It’s just some kind of holiday!

17. Correctly fixed tail

18. Are you jealous?

19. When things didn't go according to plan

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