17 victims who were deceived by culinary scammers (18 photos)

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25 February 2024

There are times when life becomes unfair. But the real problem is that there are some things we don't expect to cheat on, like food. But even here, incidents happen! Look how wrong people were when they were just about to eat something.

1. Lightly salted peanuts

2. Harvest

3. Where are the avocados?

4. This is how childhood injuries occur.

5. Where are the yolks?

6. They deceived me again

7. It's supposed to contain equal amounts of cauliflower and broccoli, but it clearly doesn't.

8. How can you eat ice cream in a cone without a cone?

9. There were no raisins in this chocolate bar.

10. I opened a jar of olives, it turned out to be empty.

11. There is nothing to eat here


13. Chocolate chip ice cream

14. What kind of sandwich can you make with this bread?

15. I was deceived

16. The bottle of wine in the store turned out to be half empty

17. I really wanted a watermelon

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