Zoo employee breaks shovel while breaking up kangaroo fight

21 February 2024

A worker at a menagerie located in the city of Qinhuangdao (Hebei Province, China) was suspended from her duties on February 12 for “breaking a shovel during peacekeeping activities.”

Two marsupial inhabitants of the reserve did not divide the territory of the enclosure and began to sort out their relationship in front of visitors.

The woman with the shovel only made the situation worse and was unable to pull the two warlike kangaroos away from the corners. It is noteworthy that during her peacekeeping activities, the menagerie worker demanded that eyewitnesses of the fight stop filming.

“Stop filming! What is there to film here, a regular fight?” the lady with the shovel shouted at the visitors.

In another attempt to quell the clash, a zoo employee armed with a bamboo pole intervened, but his efforts were in vain, which further aggravated the intensity of the confrontation.

Eventually the standoff ended with one of the kangaroos being forcibly dragged into the house, while the other stubbornly remained at the entrance, refusing to budge.

A little later, the zoo management issued a statement about the temporary suspension from her duties of an employee who allowed bloodshed between animals and broke a shovel during an attempt to end the confrontation.

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