18 masterpiece buildings from would-be architects with an unconventional look (19 photos)

19 February 2024

Below you can see several funny cases when architects, striving for perfection, created something incomprehensible and rather controversial.

Architecture plays a key role in society, helping to create cool and useful buildings. However, sometimes even experienced and talented designers and builders are not always able to realize their vision to the fullest, which leads to the creation of truly unsuccessful architectural works. Who is to blame for this? Unfortunately, there is no way to figure this out. All that remains is to laugh at the funny masterpieces and wish the creators to work on the mistakes so that this does not happen again.

Unusual architectural solution

In the zombie apocalypse, I removed the stairs and that’s it.

When you decided to start expanding, but couldn’t stop

The bathroom is not for the claustrophobic

That moment when you wanted to get a little creative

Why not? Looks fun!

secret door

The architect had previously built Hogwarts...

More windows! We need even more!

When I graduated from the school of architects in Minecraft

This house looks like it was built in the computer game "The Sims"

This staircase is right next to the bedroom

It’s clearly not worth wandering sleepily near these stairs.

I'm an artist - that's how I see it

Very strange kitchen layout

I imagine chopping carrots and all the other pieces rolling down the stairs.

This is ideal if you never have to use the oven or refrigerator.

Staircase in a hotel

How and why?

It seems like something is missing here

A very strange architectural solution. Window in the bathroom

Hid it

Almost an art installation.

"Excellent" use of space

Only a real genius could have come up with this solution!

Someone clearly hates natural light

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