Mustachioed grandmasters (30 photos)

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19 February 2024

Chess is an exciting and ancient game, it is more than one and a half thousand years old.

But seals are no slouch in this regard: they were domesticated as much as 9,500 years ago. Therefore, chess games are practically seeds for furry ones. And they could very well show their class, but they don’t want to. And they prefer contemplation to active action, as a result of which touching and deep photos with meaning appear.

1. The cats start and win

2. Future champion

3. A stroke of genius

4. Applaud for me

5. Plush Genius

6. Wow combination...

7. Remember, swipe your paw from left to right

8. Unconditional victory

9. The smell of a coveted reward

10. Little student

11. What is our life? A game!

12. Serious opponent

13. White on black

14. I'm just learning

15. Sweet taste of victory

16. Friendship won

17. How complicated everything is...

18. Who wins?

19. Your move

20. Tense situation

21. Genius vs genius

22. Intellectual rest

23. Clash of the Titans

24. Are you sure you’re not cheating, leather?

25. The horse gallops here

26. Main figure

27. I give up without a fight

28. Lost my mind

29. The most correct ending

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