Show off in Chinese: personal bodyguard when you go to mom and dad (6 photos)

19 February 2024

A new trend in China that is incredibly popular during the Lunar New Year. During holiday visits to relatives, young people hire personal bodyguards to look like they have become a star in the big city.

As hilarious as it is cute

During Chinese New Year, millions of Chinese return to their home villages or provinces from big cities to see family.

I have already written that around the New Year, the number of thefts increases (to show your family how much money you have earned) and riots (if the boss squeezes the New Year’s bonus and there is nothing to go home with).

Walking with your personal bodyguard past grandmothers on a bench in your native village.... There is a special thrill in this, I don’t deny

And many young people use part of the New Year's bonus to come in style to the village, where no one knows that he is not the boss of a company or a TV star.

A security guard in an expensive suit will follow you past the neighbors to your parents' house. He will be constantly on alert, talking through a wireless earpiece, holding an umbrella and a very mysterious-looking suitcase over you.

In general, the level of bodyguards is not even of TV stars, but of top officials of the state!

It works and works great

A great example was told by a young man named Xiaoran who went home to Hebei with a bodyguard he hired from TaoBao.

He wanted the matchmakers in the village to see how important he was, and they themselves offered him profitable matches. After all, the guy is 20 years old and already wants to get married.

The parents were shocked to accept not only their son, but also his bodyguard, but in the end they appreciated his move. Because a land dispute with neighbors arguing over a piece of the garden was immediately resolved.

This guy is also hired for $500, because he’s on TV!

They decided not to contact the relatives of such an important and impressive big shot.

Show-off economy

On average, a smart and presentable bodyguard costs $210 a day; during the New Year holidays, the price on sites can quadruple!

Chinese bodyguards at work

Thousands of bodyguard search ads are posted on Taobao every month. Compared to last year, the demand for such a service has increased by 400%! This is a real new training in showing off.

They usually look for security guards near their hometown so as not to provide them with transportation. But it is important not to take a security guard from your small town, because they may know him, and your mothers may even know him.

What an embarrassment it will be when the gossip spreads!

To earn $210 a day, you must be at least 180 centimeters tall, be in good physical shape and have hand-to-hand combat skills. And also be able to make a serious, threatening face.

There is even a bodyguard school where they train with plastic pistols!

The prices for security guards who accompanied real celebrities are generally exorbitant. After all, you can show your mom the video from the news with your security guard!

It would seem that you can simply arrive in an expensive rented car. But since everyone in the villages has become more advanced and learned about car rental services, few people believe in this anymore. Especially “proficient” matchmakers, for whom many try so hard.

There are also female bodyguards, but they are not hired. The guy is ashamed that a girl is guarding him

This whole trend seems to me terribly naive and ingenuous, but most importantly – harmless. The main thing is that young people do not waste everything accumulated over the year on them.

Would you show up with a security guard at the wedding of distant relatives as a prank?

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