Amazing products from the distant past (13 photos)

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12 February 2024

We invite you to look at amazing products from the distant past. They amaze not only with their age, but also with their amazing performance. The masters of those ancient eras made truly real treasures. So, you are welcome to our informative and interesting excursion.

Small bronze wallet with six gold coins. Found in the Celtic city of Oppid. The item dates back to approximately 200 BC.

Greek gold bracelet with fighting goat clips. 5th century BC, made of gold and agate.

Bronze "Roman dodecahedron", discovered in the summer of 2023. The 12-sided stone spent approximately 1,700 years in the ground. Found during amateur excavations in the English county of Lincolnshire.

A 4,700-year-old ball of yarn found near Lake Biel, Switzerland

One of the most realistic statues in Ancient Egypt, 2435-2306 BC. Represents a high-ranking official of the V Dynasty. Initially, the statue was covered with stucco and painted.

Female figurine made in Mexico 1500-500 BC

Chatelaine used by Alexandra, Princess of Wales. The set includes 13 accessories including scissors, a fragrance bottle, a magnifying glass and a notepad. Made in England, 1863-1885.

This double spiral staircase located in Graz Castle, Austria, 1499

Women's elegant shoes made of kid leather, Italy, 1660-1700

Detail of the famous Etruscan terracotta sarcophagus "Sarcophagus of the Spouses", 519 BC

12th century console in the Church of St Mary and St David in Kilpeck, England, showing a dog and a hare

The only surviving vexillum (ancient Roman war flag), 3rd century AD. Located in the Pushkin Museum, Moscow.

Mosaic atrium house in the ancient Roman city of Herculaneum, 1st century BC. Like Pompeii, the city was destroyed after the eruption of Vesuvius in 79. The undulation of the floor in this building was formed due to the sagging of the earth under the enormous weight of pyroclastic flows.

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