Interesting fact about scarabs

10 February 2024
The dung beetle sounds a little offensive, although it is as true as possible. But they are also called "sacred scarab". This bug is one of the most revered symbols of Ancient Egypt. As they say, not just cats. And here are a couple of interesting facts about these interesting insects. Yes, they can make really huge balls of manure. But why? Where are they taking him?

And they roll this cake out to eat, of course! Well, or in order to lay offspring in a ball. And if the beetle manages to roll the coolest ball in the area, then a fight may well break out with other scarabs who, out of envy, will try to take it away. Eh, just like in life. And finally, a romantic fact. When a bug finds a mate, they roll the ball together. Cute isn't it?

So, now let's see how the brave dung beetle crushes frogs with its ball! Why are they... sitting on the road.
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