Kus of love, dislike and more (26 photos)

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16 January 2024

Of course, the reasons why cats bite each other are prosaic. This is jealousy towards the owner, the struggle for resources, games, including mating, and the hunting instinct.

But most often, the reasons for biting in furry animals is simply a desire to play pranks and frolic. And for the owner, such purring pranks are an opportunity to take touching photos.

1. Lumpy bite

2. Terrible Kus

3. Back bite

4. Surprises bite

5. Suffering bit

6. Biting tenderness

7. Sirloin

8. Paw bite

9. Dramatic bite

10. Half poppy bite

11. Cheek bite

12. Hook

13. All-consuming bite

14. The inevitability bites

15. Cute bites

16. High altitude bite

17. Walking Kus

18. Defense of the territory of Kus

19. Head bite

20. Humility bite

21. Vocal bite

22. Worries bite

23. Tail

24. Educational bite

25. Self-bite

What kind of kushi does your cat like to use?

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