Cats are love: 30 funniest photos with cats (31 photos)

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12 January 2024

Cats are sometimes strange, sometimes hilarious, and always wayward creatures. Each of them has their own characteristics, and these quirks are why we love them so much. Also, cats always lift our spirits and drive away any stress. Take a look at the latest selection of furry creatures and smile from the bottom of your heart.

1. Just paws

2. The cat enjoys the sun

3. Mom and son

4. What a chubby guy!

5. Little sleeping miracle

6. And this is a Pallas's cat from the Helsinki Zoo

7. Mom and babies who were rescued from the street

8. “He thought it was his crib.”

9. This fluffy is only 6 months old

10. Photo of a cat from the 1930s. Cats seemed to be more serious back then!

11. "Give me some food, people"

12. This sage cat seems to know all the secrets of the Universe

13. Sheer cuteness

14. “Can I come in?”

15. “Mommy spent an hour giving birth to this kitten. She knows it was worth it.”

16. This is what it's like to be a cat

17. Sleepy kingdom

18. Recharging from the sun's rays is in progress..

19. “Sometimes my cat behaves very strangely..”

20. The main thing is that he is so comfortable

21. “The veterinarians wanted to remove her eye, but they managed to save it. As soon as she recovered from the anesthesia, she immediately climbed on top of me.”

22. What incredible eyes

23. Delivering cuteness straight to your door

24. “It seems like someone appreciated the new bed.”

25. Sometimes cats choose strange places and positions to sleep

26. Emotions from the first car ride

27. “I recently realized that our cats like to sleep next to my husband while he plays, but not in bed with me.”

28. Well, hello

29. when suddenly I thought about the meaning of life

30. Cats are strange companions!

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