In Michigan, the death of a chicken was recorded, which was considered the oldest in the world (7 photos)

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7 January 2024

When people want to have a feathered pet, they usually choose parrots, canaries or crows. But it happens that an ordinary chicken becomes a family favorite.

In Chelsea, Michigan, a chicken named Peanut, recognized by the Guinness Book of Records, died on Christmas morning. The owner of the pied, Marcy Parker Darwin, was very saddened by the departure of her pet.

The woman admitted that she personally helped the chicken to be born, pulling the still wet, squeaking lump out of the shell. The baby was missing an egg tooth - a temporary protrusion on the beak that helps it get out during hatching. This happened 21 years ago. That is, by human standards and laws, a chicken, if it were a person, could drive a car and go to the polls.

Marcy dedicated a touching post to her deceased favorite on a social network, noting that she understands perfectly well that the chicken lived a really long life for a representative of her species, but she still misses Peanut very much.

A Belgian chicken could not get out of the egg. And Marcy helped him come into this world. For some reason, Kvochka refused to accept the fluffy ball. And they took him home, placing him in a cage with parrots. When the chicken got stronger, it was moved to a chicken coop.

Marcie said that the hen laid eggs until she was eight years old, which is a very long time for laying hens. And in the chicken coop there are her descendants - great-great-great-great-great-granddaughters.

To maintain health in recent years, the owner added vitamins to the bird’s food and pampered her with vegetables, fruits and yogurt. Due to her age, the chicken spent the cold season indoors in a warm cage. The hen responded to her name and loved to cuddle with her mistress, biting her earlobe.

In the last year, interest in the record holder from the press has intensified. And Marcy even had to turn down many offers from film crews and fans who wanted to see their feathered idol in the flesh.

Around Christmas, the chicken felt very bad. Early in the morning, her neck bent on the shoulder of the saddened Marcy, and her eyes closed forever.

Peanut, whose record as the oldest living hen was set in January last year, was unable to break the record of Muffy the hen, who lived 23.5 years and died in 2012.

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