Disney created an ABC book for preschoolers based on one of the scariest films ever made (3 photos + 1 video)

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31 December 2023

What's better than old horror movies? Only books for children from 2 to 5 years old, written based on them. Speaking of old, yes, in 2024 the film “Alien” will celebrate its 45th anniversary.

The title of the book is "A is for Alien" ("A" means "Alien"). In it, each letter from A to Z is associated with a character or storyline of a famous film. The idea of releasing a book for children based on a horror film surprised many. However, this is Disney's way of promoting the Alien brand and introducing it to a potentially new audience. After all, the Alien franchise belongs to 20th Century Studios, which in turn is a division of The Walt Disney Studios.

The Birth of the First Alien - Alien (1979) - Moment from the film

The book for children will not go on sale until the summer of 2024, but pre-orders are already available on Amazon.

Many people remember that when they first watched the film, they experienced a strong feeling of fear. But the authors convince parents that there will be nothing terrible in their book.

"In space, no one will hear you giggle while reading this little golden book filled with characters from the classic film Alien! Follow Ripley and the rest of the Nostromo crew on a space adventure that teaches the alphabet from A to Z. With fun illustrations , this light-hearted reimagining of the iconic film will delight fans young and old."

I wonder if there are fans of the franchise among children aged 3 to 5?

Well, for true connoisseurs, we have collected a selection of rare photographs from the set of the very first film.

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