10 interesting facts about the film "Richie Richie" (12 photos)

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21 December 2023

As children, many of us were fans of the Home Alone duology, and even now both parts of this cult film are a symbol of the New Year and Christmas. Therefore, when the next film with Macaulay Culkin in the title role came out, we certainly ran to watch it.

1. The film “Richie Richie” was the last major project where Macaulay Culkin played the main role. After that, Culkin disappeared from the radar for 9 years, and subsequently acted only in third-rate films unknown to anyone.

One of the reasons for his sabbatical was the constant quarrels of his parents, since Macaulay's mother sided with her son, who by that time was already tired of filming and wanted to take a break, while his father insisted on continuing his acting career without a break. As a result, in 1995, Macaulay’s parents divorced.

2. The film "Richie Richie" is based on the comic book series of the same name by Alfred Harvey and Warren Cramer, which first appeared in 1953.

By the way, the authors of this comic are also the creators of the friendly ghost Casper. And if you look closely, you can see a certain similarity between the comic Richie and Casper. This gives rise to the creepy theory that Casper is actually the ghost of the deceased Richie. But of course this is true, just banter.

But this whole theory is destroyed to smithereens, since at one time there was a comic crossover where both of these characters appeared together. Eh, such a cool theory is gone.

3. Due to the fact that Macaulay Culkin was a very tall guy at the age of 13, the filmmakers had to use taller actors to play adults, since the star of the film “Home Alone” could not be replaced, and he himself had to look much shorter background of adults.

For example, the height of the seemingly short Jonathan Hyde, who played the butler Cadberry, is 180 cm. The height of Edward Herrmann, who played Richie's father, is 196 cm, and the height of John Larroquette, who played the main antagonist Vandog, is 194 cm.

4. The mansion in which the Richie family lives was featured in the 2001 film Hannibal.

5. Macaulay Culkin's father was also his manager. Because Culkin was a star, his father sometimes set his own conditions. So, for example, the father wanted at least a small role to be given to another of his children in films with Macaulay.

Macaulay Culkin and Kieran Culkin with their parents

For example, in the film Home Alone, the role of Cousin Fuller was played by Macaulay's brother, Kieran Culkin. But Macaulay’s other brother, Rory Culkin, starred in the film “Richie Richie.” He played a small role as Richie as a child. Although, I approve of this decision, since Rory and Macaulay are still brothers and there are some similarities between them.

Rory Culkin as Richie as a child

6. The film's budget was $40 million. Of these, 8 million was received by the leading actor Macaulay Culkin. As for the box office, the film grossed $76 million worldwide.

But don’t forget about video media, because rental of video cassettes brought another $125 million into the treasury. The studio itself received 75% of all proceeds from the film. Therefore, despite rather average and sometimes negative reviews, the film turned out to be commercially successful.

7. According to the plot, the film takes place in the city of Chicago (Illinois), but the filming of the house itself and the surrounding area took place in the city of Asheville (North Carolina).

8. In the original comics and the animated series, Richie had a robot maid named Irona. But the creators decided not to include this character in the film.

9. In 1998, the second part of the film “Richie Richie” was released. And to be honest, as for me hebut it turned out to be so absurd, disgusting, too childish and naive that I simply could not watch this film to the end.

Still from the movie "Richie Richie 2"

As a result, the sequel was a failure and remained forgotten. Well, this is no wonder. Still, the budget was small, the film went out of cinemas, and completely different actors, director and screenwriters took part in the filming of the film.

10. In localization, the meaning of the joke with the title is lost, since the word “Rich” itself, which is the surname of the main character, is translated as “Rich”. That is, in fact, in this situation it is a homonym.

Despite the fact that the film turned out to be too childish and naive compared to the same cult comedy “Home Alone”, and there are many very absurd moments here, this film evokes warm nostalgic memories for me, and it more or less appealed to me as a child ( a C, but with a big plus), although I wouldn’t call this film a cult film. What do you think of this film?

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