An enemy anti-tank missile launches an unauthorized missile after being hit by a Ukrainian drone

13 December 2023
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Operators of Ukrainian drones of the control and artillery reconnaissance battery of the 110th Mechanized Infantry Brigade named after General Mark Bezruchko destroyed the position of an enemy anti-tank crew near Avdiivka.

Despite the filigree hit of ammunition into the dugout, the occupiers in it managed to survive. The drone filmed the invaders jumping out of the burning hiding place and running away. However, the ATGM itself was destroyed. Apparently, it was loaded - after a hit, the rocket detonates and flies out of the installation.

“Avdiivka direction. They destroyed the enemy ATGM, drove out the crew (it’s a pity that it’s not forever). And they also eliminated the electronic warfare, now it will be very hard for them,” the fighters write in the commentary to the video recording of a fragment of their combat work.
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