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11 December 2023

In the early morning of February 24, 2022, Russia launched missile attacks on Ukrainian territory and launched a direct, full-scale invasion. The Ukrainian Armed Forces repel the enemy

- The Russian military may face losses on various sectors of the front in Ukraine, and these losses may increase at almost the same level with which Russia is currently building new military forces - ISW, the situation at the front.

▪️In the Kupyansk direction, the Ukrainian Armed Forces repelled at least 7 attacks by Russian troops in the Sinkovka area (9 km north-west of Kupyansk), and in the Limansk direction - at least 6 attacks in the Ternoy area (17 km to west of Kremennaya), Vesely (31 km south of Kremennaya) and Razdolovka (32 km southwest of Kremennaya).

▪️Ukrainian forces also repelled Russian attacks in the areas of Krasnohorivka and Marinka (both immediately west of the city of Donetsk) and Novomikhailovka (10 km southwest of the city of Donetsk).

▪️AFU repelled an attack by Russian troops north of the village. Novodonetskoe (15 km southeast of the village of Bolshaya Novoselka).

▪️Ukrainian forces maintain positions on the eastern bank of the Dnieper River.

The Kremlin may have instructed the Russian military to capture Avdeevka and Kupyansk before the elections in March 2024, - ISW, situation at the front.

▪️AFU continued offensive operations south of Bakhmut.

▪️Russian troops advanced to the wastewater treatment plant south of Krasnogorovka (5 km northwest of Avdeevka).

▪️Bad weather conditions are preventing Russian and Ukrainian forces from making significant gains or using large reconnaissance drones in the western Zaporozhye region.

Russian troops have likely launched offensive operations on several sectors of the front during the most difficult weather conditions of the autumn-winter season, trying to seize and maintain the initiative until the Russian presidential elections in March 2024, - ISW, situation at the front.

▪️Ukrainian forces, in contrast, appear to be using this period of difficult weather conditions and ongoing Russian offensive operations to establish and strengthen defensive positions in areas of the front line where they have not conducted counter-offensive operations, thereby conserving forces and resources for future offensive operations.

▪️The Ukrainian Armed Forces continued offensive operations in the west of the Zaporozhye region and are reported to have advanced.

▪️Ukrainian troops hold positions on the eastern bank of the Kherson region on December 9, amid Russian attempts to dislodge Ukrainian troops from positions in Krynki (30 km northeast of the city of Kherson and 2 km from the Dnieper River).

- Local channels report about a powerful explosion in temporarily occupied Makeyevka, Donetsk region

- Under Putin’s nose, Navalny’s associates placed anti-Putin banners

In Moscow, St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk, banners with QR codes were noticed that lead to the website of the “Russia without Putin” campaign.

Unfortunately, the banners have already been removed 🤷

FBK vs Putin - 1:1

- If Putin completes another six-year term in the Kremlin, he will surpass Joseph Stalin, who led the Soviet Union from 1924 to 1953 - Der Spiegel.

Putin will thus become the longest reigning Russian head of state since Empress Catherine the Great in the 18th century.

- From the latest WaPo article:

“Interviews with Ukrainians of military age show that many are less than willing to fight for a military and national government perceived to be riddled with corruption and incompetence.”

- Hungarian Orban:

The European Union is not ready and cannot accept Ukraine for a number of reasons, including because it is one of the most corrupt countries in the world.

I do not intend to contribute to the EU’s “bad decision” on Ukraine.

- Donald Tusk, who is expected to become Poland's next prime minister, says the Hungarian government has openly "switched to Russian positions."

- The Bulgarian Parliament overturned President Rumen Radev’s veto on the free transfer of 100 old BTR-60 armored personnel carriers to Ukraine.

- The Russian X-55 decoy cruise missile fired at Kyiv.

The Russian Aerospace Forces have long and regularly used such decoys to identify Ukrainian air defense positions, which also forces it to waste expensive Western anti-aircraft missiles.

- A very bad Russian bait made from boxes and sticks in the lens of a Ukrainian FPV drone.

- Ukraine will soon make a new request for decommissioned Australian Royal Air Force F/A-18 fighters after the agreement to transfer them to an American company expires, AFR reports.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense has decided to request decommissioned Australian 41 Hornets, which have been languishing at RAAF Base Williamtown since 2021.

Defence Minister Richard Marles, who said in July that the handover of the aircraft was "complicated", was cagey when asked about the new approach.

- The Russians are now trying to protect their trenches with new methods from Ukrainian FPVs and drone bombers.

They visually hide the movement of soldiers along the trenches from the view from above, thereby preventing targeted strikes.

- At least 31.8 thousand drones could be obtained by the Armed Forces of Ukraine with money from bribes.

And this was only the most high-profile cases, and how many remained unsolved? 😒

- CCTV cameras in Ukraine have been connected to servers located in Moscow for many years - "Schemes"

Project analysts claim that both private and state-owned enterprises in Ukraine have been purchasing and installing Chinese-made cameras with TRASSIR software from the Russian company DSSL over the past two decades.

The use of this technology in Ukraine was discontinued on February 27, 2022, and an experiment conducted by Schemes revealed that video recordings from users’ cameras pass through servers before they reach their phones or computers , owned by companies associated with the Russian FSB.

The project also notes that cameras with TRASSIR software have been installed on the territory of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant (ChNPP) since at least 2011.

- Girkin-Strelkov from the pre-trial detention center gave an interview in which he stated that there was no longer a place for him on earth, and that he was afraid of repeating the fate of Prigozhin

What they fought for, that’s what they ran into. Did you want the Russian world? Enjoy! 🤷

- Bulgaria will still transfer armored personnel carriers to Ukraine: parliament overcame the president’s veto

During the consideration of the bill, a crush occurred between the deputies.

- Fashion show in national costumes at the Krasnoyarsk city forum

I wonder what nation and in what historical era they represent?

- The future Prime Minister of Poland Tusk promised to immediately unblock the border with Ukraine

The leader of the largest coalition in the newly elected parliament of Poland, Donald Tusk, who will most likely head the country’s government, announced his intention to resolve problematic issues in relation torelations with Ukraine.

Tusk criticized the actions of the current Prime Minister Morawiecki and said that he would urgently take up the issue of resolving the blockade.

According to Tusk, he will act in the interests of Polish carriers, but will seek to resolve issues so that the border blockade is ended.

- Putin’s victory in Ukraine will give a signal to other dictators to attack neighboring countries, - Kuleba.

According to the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, if Putin is allowed to succeed in Ukraine, this will certainly motivate other dictators and authoritarian rulers of the world to attack neighboring states and destroy democracy.

- The liquidation of Kiva made Tsarev think a little

- A military pilot who launched missiles across Ukraine was shot in Voronezh

- Russia is recruiting migrants on the Finnish border to fight in Ukraine, - BBC.

Several foreigners have already been sent to a military camp near the border under the guise of “work.”

- Russian army van with a full complex of dynamic protection "Contact-1"

The Russians obtained dynamic protection somewhere, but they were not told how it works.

- Orban's allies will hold a closed meeting with Republicans in Washington to push for an end to American military support for Ukraine, The Guardian reports.

- Biden invited Zelensky to the White House for a meeting on Tuesday, December 12, to underscore the United States' "unwavering commitment to supporting the people of Ukraine in defending them from Russia's brutal invasion."

They will discuss "Ukraine's urgent needs and the vital importance of continued support for the United States at this critical moment."

- IISS research shows that in 2023 there will be 183 regional and local conflicts, the highest number in 30 years.

The intensity of conflicts is increasing year by year: according to the latest survey, the number of deaths has increased by 14% and the number of incidents of violence by 28%.

The International Committee of the Red Cross has 459 armed groups whose activities raise humanitarian concerns, with 195 million people living under their full or partial control.

Unsurprisingly, Ukraine remains the most violent place on the planet, but Syria, Brazil, Myanmar, Mexico and Iraq are also divided.

The number of refugees displaced by the war is staggering: more than six million in Syria, five million in Afghanistan, a million in Myanmar.

Source: Bloomberg

- A conscript soldier who died under strange circumstances was buried in Karelia. Previously, the command told his parents that he was in the hospital due to “homesickness syndrome.” For his father's demands to tell the truth about his son's death, he was threatened with an article about “discrediting the army” | New newspaper Europe

19-year-old conscript Andrei Lazhiev ended up in a military hospital in Sevastopol in mid-October. He didn’t remember how he got there; his parents weren’t really told anything. A few days later he was transferred to a psychiatric ward due to “homesickness syndrome,” and after about another week his parents were informed that he had died due to cerebral edema. The only time Nikolai Lazhiev and his wife saw their son was at the funeral - they were allowed to look through the 15x15 window of the zinc coffin.

Nikolai is sure that his son was forced to sign a contract with the Ministry of Defense, and because of his refusal, he was beaten and is now trying to hide it. Nikolai’s demands to tell the truth about his son’s death were met with threats to open a case for “discrediting the army.”

- A little about corruption

- Do you see how structured the structure is after the prayer?

Water from the refrigerator where the poutine was kept.

- The Czech magazine Reflex proposed its design of the Olympic uniform for Russians and Belarusians, created with the help of Midjourney

- Something like this

⬆️ 👨‍⚖️ Dmitry Fursov and Stanislav Belousov killed a woman in order to take possession of her car. They received 21 and 18 years in prison respectively. They served several years and were pardoned after 6 months in prison.

👨‍⚖️ Vladimir Tatarintsev raped and killed the girl, and burned the body. Received 24 years in prison. He served several years, was pardoned after participating in the SVO, and is at large.

👨‍⚖️ Vadim Tekhov stabbed his ex-wife 10 times in the stomach right under the CCTV camera. Received 16 years in prison. He served several months, was pardoned after 6 months in prison, and is now at large.

👨‍⚖️ Dmitry Zelensky killed his girlfriend and put her body through a meat grinder. Received 11 years in prison, pardoned after 6 months of SVO, is at large.

👨‍⚖️ Evgeny Dudrov kidnapped a schoolboy and demanded a ransom. Not receiving the ransom, he strangled him. He received 12 years in prison, served several months, was pardoned after 6 months in prison, and is at large.

👨‍⚖️ Artyom Buchin raped and beat with a stone a 23-year-old nurse who had a small child. He received 20 years, served several months, was pardoned after participating in the SVO, and is at large.

P.s. All these non‌people were pardoned personally by President Vladimir Putin.

By the way, I’m still in shock that the man who killed a woman and put the corpse through a meat grinder was given 11 years.

- Born, lived and died under Putin

Russian soldiers under 23 years of age killed in the war:

- Born under Putin

- We lived all our lives under Putin

- Died under Putin

And in 3 months again - many for the 5th time - their parents will go to vote for Putin.

- Dimiev Denis, 22 years old, Perm. He was imprisoned for hooliganism. There were 2 weeks left before his release, he signed a contract with a PMC, although he had not wanted to serve before and was even convicted of evasion. He spent a week at the front and died on February 4

- Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine organized a celebration of St. Nicholas Day for children of front-line communities and military personnel in combat positions

- Famous Ukrainian actor Vasily Kukharsky died on December 7 in a Kyiv hospital, where he was treated for a long time after being seriously wounded at the front

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