12 Interesting Facts About the Movie "Pet Sematary 2" That Many Don't Know (8 Photos)

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4 December 2023

After the success of the first part of the film "Pet Sematary", it was decided to start filming a sequel, despite the fact that Stephen King himself did not write any sequel.

1. We all know that the film “Pet Sematary” was based on the book of the same name by Stephen King. In addition, he wrote the script (which is rare for a writer), and also played a small role as a priest.

But as for the second part, the script for it was written from scratch, and not by Stephen King, but by Richard Outten and David S. Goyer. True, the latter was not listed in the credits.

2. As in the first part, the director of the film “Pet Sematary” was Mary Lambert. It was she who wanted the surviving daughter of the Creeds named Ellie to become the main character of the second part. But the studio bosses decided that a teenage girl in the lead role could scare away the viewer, so they cast a guy in the lead role, and not just anyone, but Edward Furlong himself, who only became famous thanks to his role as John Connor in the film “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” ( 1992).

3. It was originally assumed that the filming would take place in the same state of Maine where the first part was filmed. But bosses were afraid that winter weather in Maine could ruin the entire filming process, so filming was moved to Georgia.

4. Even though Stephen King is not involved in this film, there are several references to his previous novels and film adaptations.

For example, the scene when Gus opens the door to Drew's room with a hammer sends us back to the movie "The Shining." True, King did not like this adaptation ("The Shining").

5. In order to win over a larger audience, the creators decided to cram more violence, action, corpses and, of course, naked female forms into the film. This made it very different from the original film.

6. Jason McGuire, who played the protagonist Jeff's friend named Drew, had no acting experience, which greatly influenced the filming process, since he was a very timid guy. In order to somehow wedge himself into the process, his colleague Edward Furlong, who played Jeff, took patronage over him, which greatly helped McGuire. Moreover, they really became friends during filming.

7. Jeff's father, played by actor Anthony Edwards, watches the film "Once Upon a Time in America" (1984). It is noteworthy that in the film “Once Upon a Time in America” one of the roles (Eve) was played by actress Darlanne Fluegel, who played Jeff’s mother, Renee, who died on the set.

8. In the scene when Clyde takes the kitten out of his jacket and holds it in his hand while walking, a real kitten was used.

The actor was trained for a long time for this scene so that he could safely perform the stunt without harming the baby.

9. In the scene where Drew's dog Zoey chases the kitten at the veterinary clinic, the kitten and dog were not filmed at the same time. That is, they first filmed the scene with the kitten, who was called with food, and only then separately filmed the scene with the dog, and at that time there was no kitten there.

10. Remember the scene when Gus ran outside and shot Zoe (the dog) to drive her away from the rabbit cages? After this, Zoe ran into the forest, where she died in the arms of Drew, who came up a little later.

In fact, the dog ran into the forest simply on command, and there was no sound of a shot. The sound of the gunshot was added during editing.

11. During the filming of the scene where the resurrected dog attacks Gus, special caps were put on the dog’s teeth to give the dog a more intimidating appearance. Well, the effect of glowing eyes is already special effects.

As for the fight with the dog in the same scene, instead of the actor Clancy Brown, who played Gus, the trainer “fought” the dog.

12. Since the film was no longer based on Stephen King’s book, the project turned out to be more risky, so only $8 million was allocated for filming, while the filming of the original first part of the film “Pet Sematary”animals" allocated 11.5 million.

As expected, the result was worse than the original, as the film earned only $17 million at the domestic box office. Perhaps the film would have earned more if it had been released worldwide.

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