The newest British clone of Land Rover Defender has come to light in Ukraine

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7 December 2023

The new Ineos Grenadier 2023 was photographed in Kyiv. This is the first SUV of the British brand, spotted in Ukraine. It is reported Focus.

Ineos Grenadier on Polish plates, so it is possible that the SUV was driven for customs clearance, because it is not officially in Ukraine for sale However, it is possible that the owner of the car is a Polish citizen who came to Kyiv.

The new Ineos Grenadier is a modern variation on the theme of the classic Land Rover Defender. Company founder Sir Jim Radcliffe is a fan old Land Rovers and even tried to buy a license for their production.

When Land Rover refused the licence, Jim Radcliffe created Ineos Grenadier, which is very similar to Defender. At Land Rover, they even submitted to lawsuit against Ineos, but could not win it.

The frame SUV has an original interior with devices in aviation style. Ineos Grenadier is equipped with a 3.0-liter BMW turbo engines — 286-horsepower gasoline and 249-horsepower diesel. He got an 8-speed automatic and four-wheel drive with a reduction gear transmission

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