A kamikaze drone falls on an occupier and tears him to shreds

3 December 2023
The post contains material for an audience over 18 years of age. Please make sure that you really want to see this and that you are over 18 years old.
The operator of a kamikaze drone hit a Russian occupier who, as part of an assault group, was trying to attack the positions of Ukrainian soldiers.

A video of the Ukrainian soldier’s successful work was published on social networks. The footage shows the drone literally landing on the shoulders of the invader and exploding. The Russian received serious injuries incompatible with life.

“At dawn, the Russian occupiers, out of habit, launched an assault, but when they heard the sound of a drone, they froze. As it turned out, forever. The work of a UAV strike company of the 47th Mechanized Infantry Brigade Strike Drones Company,” the author of the publication notes in a commentary.

Attention! Not recommended for viewing by persons with unstable mental health!
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