17 people with quirks that make them truly special (18 photos)

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1 December 2023

Genetics plays an important role in determining a person's physical and biological characteristics, as well as his external characteristics. However, sometimes it presents real surprises in the form of unusual mutations and anomalies.

Vitiligo, extra fingers, unusual moles and much more - all this makes a person the owner of the most striking features that, well, it’s simply a sin to hide. After all, variety is great! Let's admire people who have a unique appearance that makes them stand out from the crowd.

Baby born with extra thumb

“Not long ago I was diagnosed with vitiligo”

“My brother has a condition where the iris gets caught in the pupil (it doesn’t affect his vision).”

This girl has four toes on her feet

“My husband has a rare genetic mutation that causes his nails to grow upside down.”

“I have a genetic disorder called Marfan syndrome.”

People with Marfan syndrome have a specific appearance. They are very tall, have an elongated skull and elongated face, long fingers and are often underweight.

Super flexible joints

I had a friend who could do this, and he often shook people's hands backwards. It was fun and disturbing at the same time.

Spiral navel

This child has an oversized tongue due to macroglossia caused by Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome

Surgical treatment for macroglossia is carried out only if the anomaly causes problems with swallowing, breathing and speech.

Human eye with polycoria (multiple pupils)

Nevus on the face

Mariana Mendes was born with a mole covering the central area of her face. However, the girl not only does not feel complex about her feature, but has also made it her calling card.

Extra long thumb

Hypermobility of the leg joints

“My grandmother and I both have extra wrinkles on our little fingers.”

Central heterochromia. Occurs in quite a large number of people

Bone growth inside the gums

This feature does not affect human health in any way. However, sometimes he may experience some discomfort while biting.

Physiological anisocoria

What feature surprised you the most? Do you happen to have the same features?

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