Interesting facts about the film "Final Destination 2" (13 photos)

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1 December 2023

In 2003, a worthy sequel to the popular thriller and horror film “Final Destination” was released. Here are stills from the filming and interesting facts about the film.

1. In the opening credits, as always, we can see some hints about the incident. A set of keys obscures the "T" on the Road Trip sign. This leaves the inscription "Road RIP". And as you know, the abbreviation RIP (rest in peace) is written on tombstones.

2. Of all five parts of the franchise, only Kimberly (the main character of the second part) survived. At least at the end of the second part, she was alive and in subsequent parts nothing was said about her death.

And to be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised that the sixth part will be released soon, where Kimberly will still appear.

No, of course, in the additional materials for the third part (the official DVD edition) it is mentioned that Kimberly and the officer died in an accident, but hardly many people know about this. And if the filmmakers want, they will simply give up on this article and return Kimberly to the franchise. Moreover, you and I know very well how current filmmakers love to recruit old actors into remakes and sequels.

3. At the beginning of the film, you can see a reference to the number 180. Specifically, we can see signs about road work for the next 180 feet, and the accident itself occurs at the 180 mark.

4. Davon Sawa, who played Alex in the first part of the film, was supposed to appear in the second part along with Claire. But due to the sharp rise in the actor’s popularity, he signed a contract for several projects, which is why he could not be present in the sequel to “Final Destination.”

The filmmakers decided that Dawon Sawa wasn't the kind of actor they wanted to wait around to sort out all his affairs, so they just decided to "kill" Alex off-screen somewhere.

5. Originally, the boy named Tim was supposed to be a 9-year-old boy. But the creators, scratching their heads, decided that “killing” a 9-year-old boy was too much, so they increased the child’s age to 13 years, and then to 15.

6. There are a couple of hints that indicate that lottery winner Evan will die after losing his eye. First, the doll on the floor of Evan's apartment is missing an eye. Well, secondly, this is the inscription HEY E on the refrigerator, made of magnets. While cooking, the letter H falls into a box of Chinese food, which causes the microwave to short out. And on the refrigerator, only the inscription EYE (Eye) will remain, which will hint at Evan’s passing away.

And thirdly, lucky Evan used the money he won to buy himself an Apple IMac computer. This is also a small but barely noticeable warning. The fact is that the letter I in the name of the IMac is read exactly the same as the word Eye, that is, eye.

But in general, it’s strange that Evan just stayed there and laughed when the falling ladder jammed for a couple of seconds. Yes, he should have rolled back immediately. Self-preservation instinct and all that.

7. The school bus that we see at the beginning of the film belongs to the same school where the main characters of the first film studied.

8. There is a small inconsistency in the film. Exactly one year has passed since the crash of Flight 180. At that time, Alex Browning (the main character of the first part of the film "Final Destination") was 17 years old. In the second part we can see a newspaper headline that Alex died at the age of 19. But this cannot be, since he could not be more than 18.

9. In order to film such a large-scale car accident, the highway was blocked for several days (naturally, not around the clock).

10. A truck driven by a beer-drinking truck driver says "HICE Pale Ale" on the truck. This inscription was made in honor of stunt coordinator Fred Hayes.

11. When Kimberly first comes to Claire's psych ward, you can see a photo of the surviving schools on the wall.people from flight 180 from the first part.

But if you pay attention, you can see that the guys in the photo are smiling and hugging. This is strange, considering that they did not communicate and even constantly quarreled. And given the location and the clothes they were wearing, we can say that this photo was taken before the death of Terry Chaney, who was hit by a bus. And at that moment they were arguing wildly, and not smiling at each other.

In fact, there is a photograph hanging on the wall from the filming of the film "Final Destination." That is, this is just a friendly photo of the actors, not the characters.

12. The film shows a lot of popular superstitions that many have noticed. This is a bird hitting the glass, which is a harbinger of death, and the number 13, which appears every now and then in the film.

13. With a budget of $26 million, the film grossed $90 million worldwide. And despite the fact that this is the weakest box office result among all parts of the franchise, many consider this part to be the best. And besides, it still turned out to be successful, which allowed filmmakers to continue making sequels.

14. Just like in the first part of the film, the car accident has its own prototype. In 2002, a large-scale car accident occurred on a highway in Ringgold, Georgia, where as many as 125 cars collided. This disaster claimed the lives of four people.

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