In Latvia, the organizers of an IT conference invited many girls to speak at their event (4 photos)

1 December 2023

Instead of being praised for inclusivity, they were disgraced - only one person was responsible for most of the ladies. And not a woman at all.

A conference of IT specialists - DevTernity - was held in Latvia for several years. And every year, beauties from the IT field were supposed to perform at it: programmers, designers and leading developers. The organizers of the event promoted this in every possible way and emphasized that they have complete order with inclusivity and equality - just how many women are invited.

But there was a nuance: before each conference, almost all of these young ladies suddenly canceled their performances.

Then it turned out that most of the IT beauties never existed; the organizer Eduard Sizovs took the rap for them. He created fake pages for women on social networks, attached photoshopped pictures of smiling developers, and even corresponded with those who wanted to meet them. Then, on their behalf, he announced that force majeure had occurred and they would not be able to participate.

When they finally found out about the scam, they were most infuriated by the fact that he was corresponding on behalf of women. The most offended were those who wanted to establish close contact with pretty IT specialists.

At first, most of the speakers refused to participate in the conference, and then it was canceled altogether. Inclusivity, that's what it is.

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