30 neighbors you won't get bored with (31 photos)

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1 December 2023

Good neighbors have many positive qualities, but one of the most wonderful is the ability to fill everyday life with smiles and laughter. This collection contains funny antics of people who should be nominated for the Neighbor of the Year award. From installing creative signage to sending surprise gifts, they know how to create a warm sense of community.

1. “I adopted a stray cat, and she became pregnant from the neighbor’s cat. This morning I saw this gift on the porch.”


2. “It snowed a lot over the weekend, and this sweet neighbor helped clear the sidewalks.”

3. “I haven’t met my new neighbor yet, but her dogs love me.”

4. “We just moved into a new apartment, the neighbors are interesting”

5. “Left this in the neighbor’s garden to cheer them up.”

6. “The neighbor cut holes in the fence so his dog could see the street.”

7. "The neighbors built a fort"

8. Request

"Please don't throw away your cigarette butts. Our cat smokes them at night, and we're trying to wean him off the bad habit."

9. When the neighbors left to watch “It” and will soon return

10. "The new lawn is loading"

11. Mailbox guarded by a dragon

12. “I went on vacation for a week and asked my neighbor to look after the cat.”

13. Warning

"Avoid eye contact. She's damn dangerous. I once found leather gloves under her bed... And I don't have leather gloves..."

14. "Sorry, the bell is broken. Shout ding-dong loudly."

15. “The neighbor did this to a tree near his house.”

16. Neighbor's mailbox

17. “For the last year I’ve been watching my neighbor’s war with a woodpecker.”

18. “The house next door was demolished, I couldn’t resist.”

19. "My neighbor is 3 children in a raincoat"

20. “Told my neighbor I didn’t like snowmen. The next morning I saw this.”

21. The car crashed into a fence, and the neighbors decided to beat the situation

22. “My neighbor placed 1000+ plastic dinosaurs on his lawn.”

23. “The neighbor shows her dog the world.”

24. Just relaxing in a hot dog costume

25.During the lockdown

26. April Fool's joke

27. Error 404. Fish not found

28. Children don’t sit idle

29. “The neighbors took their pet for an afternoon walk.”

30. Neighbor's backyard

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