Don't approach them, they are offended (29 photos)

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1 December 2023

Psychologists say that resentment is an emotion in response to a lack of attention, respect, and love.

Cats receive all this from their owners in abundance. But at the same time, furry artists manage to portray offense so realistically and believably (some virtuosos generally do this using their backs) that you want to drop everything and immediately run to ask for forgiveness, bring treats, scratch your belly and please the cunning furry ones in every possible way. Even somewhere intuitively understanding that all this is just a cat game.

1. I am everything to them, but they regretted the sausage

2. Next time you will be in this place

3. That masterly display of resentment

4. Aesthetics of resentment

5. You don’t understand, leathery, furry soul

6. Whoever offends a kitten will never see dry slippers.

7. Highest degree of disappointment

8. There’s no point in explaining, you still won’t understand...

9. Don't approach until you've thought about your behavior.

10. He stole one cutlet, and the screams were as if he had sold the apartment.

11. Concentrated resentment

12. Such universal sadness

13. And they pretend that they don’t understand

14. It’s so offensive that I want to sleep

15. Everything is clear and without words

16. How could you?

17. No need for excuses!

18. Maybe I’ll forgive you, but maybe I won’t.

19. Justified pomp

20. I’ll make you a bite

21. They were just tights, albeit expensive ones

22. I didn’t do it on purpose

23. Don’t suck up, it won’t help.

24. I lie and sing for them, but they don’t appreciate

25. They didn’t like Tygydyk

26. I'm not offended, I'm just planning revenge

27. I’m still indignant, but not very much anymore

28. Double insult

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